Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Dad's Photographers Gloves

Prompted by something my dad had mentioned, I decided to go on and make him some gloves for christmas with a couple of bits missing... He'd said how gloves should have the tip of the right finger free, for pressing the shutter on the camera.  Thinking about this, I realised how generally it's quite useful to have a thumb free also, but without all of the missing fingers of fingerless gloves which frankly don't keep you warm in the winter!  (Yes I realise it's now March, but I've been terrible at keeping this blog up to date recently (possibly something to do with the excitement of moving from the south east back to the south west. ))

I digress..

Here are the gloves.. now tried and tested, they proved very useful! The pattern for the gloves can now be downloaded from here.



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