Friday, 1 April 2011

Dad's Photographers Gloves Pattern!

Ok so this is the first pattern I've written so I apologise if there are any mistakes!  I made 5 pairs of these gloves over Christmas (all complete with fingers) before writing it up from memory so I haven't had a chance to knit from the pattern to make sure it's all correct.

(*EDIT - this pattern has all been tech edited now!)

I'd also like some feedback as I'm not sure if the way I've written it is all that easy to understand, and if it isn't maybe I could have some pointers for things to include in it for beginners?

I've never been so great at teaching people how to knit as I feel like whatever I'm saying must sound to them like I'm trying to teach them to suck eggs, however mostly I'm just met with blank looks whilst I try to explain again, too fast.  Teaching isn't my strong point.

However people do seem to be interested in the things I am making so why not reward them with a some patterns,  I thought!

Let me know what you think :-)

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