Saturday, 30 October 2010

Tommy's Booties

These booties were made for a small person called Tommy.... They were knitted in Rowan Handknit Cotton and Rico Baby DK and the pattern can be found here

The buttons are made of coconuts :-)

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Broad Street Mittens part 2

Gosh, I just realised I last blogged about these in January too, what have I been doing? I suppose the need to knit gloves in the summer isn't great really. Now finished, the mittens are no longer mittens, but proper gloves, and they fit and are soooo warm! I'll be glad of this in the winter.

I decided to keep going with the fingers as fingerless gloves are never really warm enough for me, even with the mitten flap. But having finished them I remember the reason I wanted fingerless ones was so I could knit in the winter so maybe I'll have to make another pair.

The yarn is a regia 4ply nylon/wool mix and the pattern is from knitty and can be found here I have changed the size (as I have small hands) so if you use this yarn I can't guarantee they'll fit you!

Business Cards!!

In the middle of making everything I managed to finally get some business cards printed! The design was inspired by my trademark photos on the floorboards, though sadly there will be no more of these as I've moved, and will therefore have to get more creative with my photography!

The cards were printed on 450gsm recycled card and I love them :0)

Emma's bridesmaid dress.

I made this dress for my friend Emma in September for a wedding. She was a bridesmaid and had just been told to buy a burgundy dress and that was it. I really wanted a bit of practice at making something for someone else, so I offered to make it for her as an excuse :-)

I did have more photos of this dress but I seem to have lost a memory card! The fabric and lining are both silk and it took about a week to complete.

It's actually the same pattern as one I made for myself (as a brithday present) Emma and I are a similar size so I was lucky that I could try it on when she wasn't around.

The pattern is Burda 7488 for anyone wishing to make one, I just omitted the contrast fabric from the bottom and instead used one piece.

Mat's Hat

Hello again! I've been a tad behind with the blogging due to an increased addiction to making, it seems. So here is the first of a few long overdue posts and photographs..

Back in January I agreed to make a hat for Matt Carver, a local electrician, with his business logo on it. Here is the original post. The logo for Lucas Electrics is a kangaroo and I was looking forward to getting stuck into a bit of fair isle knitting. This isn't something I'm massively accomplished at and I really wanted to give it a go.

However it didn't really work in the round, as I realised I'd be using up far too much wool carrying the yarn around when I wasn't using it, and it would make the hat unnecessarily thick. Also I was messing up the tension and spending far too long on it!

In the end I settled for knitting the beanie in the round and then swiss darning the logo on afterwards. This gave a lot more scope for detail and the end result I think is great. I haven't got a photo of Mat in it yet but he does seem to wear it a lot, which can only be a good thing! It's also 100% Merino so it should keep him warm in the winter months.

It also managed to grab the attention of Aussie comedian Adam Hills and played a part in his show! He mentions it in his blog here