Thursday, 28 October 2010

Broad Street Mittens part 2

Gosh, I just realised I last blogged about these in January too, what have I been doing? I suppose the need to knit gloves in the summer isn't great really. Now finished, the mittens are no longer mittens, but proper gloves, and they fit and are soooo warm! I'll be glad of this in the winter.

I decided to keep going with the fingers as fingerless gloves are never really warm enough for me, even with the mitten flap. But having finished them I remember the reason I wanted fingerless ones was so I could knit in the winter so maybe I'll have to make another pair.

The yarn is a regia 4ply nylon/wool mix and the pattern is from knitty and can be found here I have changed the size (as I have small hands) so if you use this yarn I can't guarantee they'll fit you!

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