Friday, 29 January 2010

Birthday Frock

I decided on Fri (22nd) that as I was going out that night I had better make myself a new dress! I found this lovely Paul Smith fabric and some yellow silk and spent the whole day up in my room throwing around pieces of fabric and paper.

By 6.15pm on Friday I finally gave up and realised it wasn't going to happen that night. So Saturday, complete with monster hangover, I put the rest of the dress together. This is the result, a classic style dress (that looks lovely on, but unfortunately no professional photographer was around today to take a picture of me in it!) with a silk lining and big bow at the front.

I think I actually love it.


joanne said...

That's a beautiful dress. What pattern did you use?

buttons and beeswax said...

Whoops, I've just seen your comment, how rubbish! The pattern is Burda 7488, sorry to take forever to get back to you! x