Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Last Year's Other Aran Cardigan

I must have finished this in February as it practically saved my life in Poland, yet I also never gor around to uploading photos of this cardigan either. The wool is Rowan, I bought it cheap about 5 years ago as it was discontinued (I don't even remember what it was called). This cardi I based on the shape of the first aran I made, but basically made it up as I went along (and no, I didn't think to write any of it down.) I wanted a high neck so I could wear it under a coat and avoid having to wear a scarf, but I also wanted something that would look slightly like a jacket top when it was half open. So this neckine design was born, buttoned up to the top it is snuggly and warm, or half open is smart and a little bit different. I looked everywhere for the chunky buttons, and eventually found them at the Stitches and Crafts show at the Brighton Centre.

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