Monday, 28 March 2011

Cute Baby's Summer Dress

Just an update what I've been up to recently!  This dress is the second in a group I will be making.
It was requested by Auntie Mim for her great-grandaughter, who is 4 months old.

I'll be making more of these dresses and putting them in the shop, as I think they make really cute dresses for summer! And now the sun is out, I think everyone is starting to feel a bit summery... :-)

The dress is made from cotton fabric and I can make any size from newborn to 12 months in any fabric required! I have a selection of cute girly ones but I've also made one in rockabilly skull and crossbone fabric, which was fun :-)

The dress fastens at the back with poppers, though I think I will change the poppers I put on this one before sending it to Mim as they seem to come undone really easily! Is there any issue with putting metal poppers on baby clothing if it's secured well?  I can only see plastic ones wearing down over time but I'll have a good look in the fabric shop tomorrow and see what else they have.

I've also made matching knickers! These were fun to make and I'd like to make lots more in funky fabrics.  Not having children myself, I wonder how the mum's out there rate these.  For example, if your baby girl is dressed in a plain dress, would you dress it up by putting her in polka dot baby bloomers? Or safari print? I think I would but I wouldn't mind hearing what everyone else thinks!

The casing for the elastic around the leg is binding I have made from pink ribbon.  I might try making a pair with this on the outside too as it's hidden away, and might make quite a sweet feature I think.

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