Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Chris's Shirt

I've been wanting to write about this one for a while but I've had to wait until I gave it to a certain someone for his birthday before I could make it public!

I loved making this shirt, the fabric is beautiful and it felt like a proper challenge to get all the checks to match up. I changed a few of the design features - omitted the pocket flaps after deciding the fabric was too heavy for them, changed the shape of the front yokes and added small darts from the pocket down for extra shaping.

Making this has made me seriously think about going into menswear as it was so nice to put together. I've taken an order for one more in plain fabric, which should be a lot quicker, so watch this space :-)

It fitted it's recipient perfectly (phew!) though I still need to get a photo of him in it to prove this (when he'll let me..)


Boo said...

My man is very impressed with your rather lovely shirt! x

RealHustla said...

Great shirt. Did you hand embroider that lable?

buttons and beeswax said...

Yes! It was an after thought as I was impressed as how it came out and thought it needed something to prove it was handmade!

I won't be doing these on everything though, it took all evening!